World Ayurveda Day

Things you need to know about the World Ayurveda Day

Coronavirus has been taking the center stage literally in every domain and every discussion under the sky this year. This year’s World Ayurveda Day is going to focus on the role of Ayurveda in the management of the coronavirus disease. Indeed, the impact of Ayurveda has by far reached every corner of the world.  Those who had not come across this ancient Indian science and its practices have also been made aware of the wholesome and soothing effect it can have on the human body, mind, and soul.

The tradition to celebrate World Ayurveda Day was initiated by the Union Ministry of Ayush, India (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Sidda, and Homoeopathy) in 2016. Every year since then, it is observed on the Dhanwantri Jayanti. Dhanwantri is the god of medicine, according to Hindu mythology. This year marks the 5th year of this celebration and it will be held on 13th of November 2020. 

“The objective is to focus on the strengths of Ayurveda and its unique treatment principles, to work towards reducing the burden of disease and related mortality. It also aims to tap into the potential of Ayurveda to contribute towards National Health Policy and National Health programs, and to promote its principles of healing in society”, said the Ayush ministry in a statement. 

A strong immune system is essential for the prevention of coronavirus infection and to limit the rise of the disease. The Ayush Ministry has been releasing various protocols regarding the ayurvedic cures for the management of the disease and its after-effects. According to a protocol by AYUSH Ministry, medicines such as Ashwagandha, Guduchi Ghana Vati, or Chyawanaprasha can be used for preventive care of high-risk groups and primary contacts of patients. Besides, to ameliorate respiratory and cardiac efficiency, to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance immunity, the ministry has listed the Yoga Protocol for Primary Prevention of Covid- 19. 

Team L’Ayuraura is happy to celebrate this occasion in France with fellow followers and practitioners of this ancient science. Let us unburden the unnecessary stress with a natural relief that Ayurveda has to offer. This day is not solely for celebration, but also the education of the youth so that the coming generations can benefit from the simple and natural remedies written in the Vedas. At our center in Lyon, all our massage treatments have a strong ayurvedic foundation. We feel honored to be Ayurvedic at the core. We are glad that we can serve our clients with authentic Ayurvedic practices and by doing that, spreading the awareness of this science that has deep roots in the Indian culture.

You can visit our blog to read more about the benefits of Ayurveda. This World Ayurveda Day, we hope you take steps to improve your lifestyle and make it more holistic using the practices of Ayurveda.