L'Ayuraura Center

About us

L’Ayuraura is an Indo-French initiative created by Ms Laxmi MEHRA under the patronage of project Le Frehindi.

Ms Laxmi who is a certified professional esthetician from the premier Ecole Esthetique Silvya Terrade de Lyon & a certified Ayurvedic practitioner from India. 

During her various professional engagements with EU countries in general & France in particular as director of the youth project Le Frehindi, Ms Laxmi found a need to help her friends in France with many Ayurvedic Home remedies & use of natural beauty treatments which she learned from her mother as a child & later professionally as certified Ayurvedic expert. 

In early June 2018, Ms Laxmi, shifted her base from New Delhi to Lyon in France to take up the 2 years Diplôme d’État in Esthétique Cosmétique Parfumerie. In early July 2020, she graduated with her diploma with the blessings of her teachers & colleagues at Ecole Esthetique Silvya Terrade de Lyon.

On the auspicious day of 16th July 2020, she launched her project from Lyon with a single goal to help serve the people with natural beauty & wellbeing treatments to help them not only look beautiful but to boost their immunity naturally driven by the ancient & time tested force of the Ayurveda. 

You may reach Ms Laxmi MEHRA at +330665108587 or write to her at layuraura1@gmail.com.

Team L’Ayuraura