why hair oiling is important for your hair

Benefits of Hair Oiling: Here’s why it is a must for your hair care routine

How’s the diet routine of your hair going? Yes. You read it right. The beauty of your hair lies in your hair diet. What makes your hair look fabulous is how well you treat your strands and with which hair care routine. Your hair needs a natural hair diet and here are all the reasons why. From dry hair to hair loss, if you’re dealing with any kind of hair issues, this blog is a must read for you. 

Have you ever given a thought to oiling your hair? Most of us have been recommended to oil our hair regularly due to the tremendous benefits this regime has. Team L’Ayuraura is here to tell you why exactly you should subscribe to the habit of oiling your hair.

Make Your Curls Manageable and Damage Free 
If you have curly hair, you know how exhausting it can get to manage them after they get dry and frizzy. A hair oil that contains natural ingredients like olive, coconut, amla, and ingredients with nourishing properties can help you get rid of the frizz and get you the soft curls you always wanted. 

Boost hair growth and keep hair fall in control 
Looking at your hair fall consistently can be a nightmare for all of us who are extremely obsessed with our hair. It’s time to put an end to this problem. Oiling your hair once a week can play a vital role in exfoliation of the scalp, cleaning of dead skin and nourishing and revitalizing fine hair. It can bring back the lost minerals and vitamins that your hair and scalp seek. This way, you can keep your scalp healthy and strengthen the roots of your hair. A hair care regime with addition of natural ayurvedic hair oil can promote hair growth. 

Hydrate your hair
One of the easiest ways to nourish and hydrate them is to oil your hair. After every shower, the moisturising properties of coconut oil and olive oil help avoid protein loss from the hair strands. This keeps the hair supple and smooth. Aloe vera exhibits photoprotective properties that can help prevent harsh sun rays from causing hair damage. Leaving your hair smelling good all day long, lavender oil will contribute to your hair growth too. 

Revitalize the skin tissue 
Another advantage of a massage with hair oil is the way it relaxes the skin. A shampoo-conditioner doesn’t really equal the way hair oil goes deep into the skin and does its job to revitalise the skin tissue, no matter how strong its components are.

What your hair needs is the efficiency of natural ingredients that soothe, heal, and revitalize your hair. As a working woman in the digital era, your hair might not receive the attention it deserves. A hair massage with ayurvedic oil relax you as well as your hair. However, you must know the right way to use a hair oil and avail all the benefits from it. Therefore, Team L’Ayuraura has some tips for you before you begin your hair oil regime.

1. Ideally, for the hair oil to work really well, your scalp should be clean.

2. With a degreasing shampoo, wash the hair and let the hair dry out completely.

3. Then apply hair oil (before dust accumulates on the scalp again) the same day or the next day. Massage the oil gently but thoroughly for about 10 to 15 minutes, covering every inch of the scalp. It will be effective if you can warm the hair oil slightly before applying it.

4. Keep this on before washing off for at least 3 hours. Since you’re so inclined, you might even leave the hair oil overnight. Holding it for more than 24 hours can weaken the hair as it starts to collect dirt.It is best to oil your hair at least once a week, but twice a week for dry hair.

At L’Ayuraura, we make authentic ayurvedic oil with a melange of nutritious oil mentioned above and Indian spices that your hair can benefit from. You can also get a hair massage done at our centre to experience the goodness of this oil before using it by yourself. Contact our team of experts to give your hair the attention it deserves. 

Have a good day.